Country Born; City Raised



My purpose for running for mayor is to give a voice to the experiences that the every-day Oregon City resident has to face. Because the best way to solve the issues that are facing our city is to elect a leader that has experienced them first hand. Too often, politicians are disconnected from the key concerns of their constituents. 


I experienced the confusion of losing a job that I worked so hard at because of something completely out of my control. I know what it is like to struggle with finances during the pandemic because I had to wait 17 weeks for unemployment because of the state and federal government's ineffectiveness in addressing our financial concerns during this pandemic. I know what it is like to worry about losing your living situation because I had the same worries for myself during this crisis. And I know what it is like for our younger generations to question their futures because I struggled with college debt and the prospect of 4-years in college that didn't land me a job after I graduated.

It's these experiences that make my run for mayor connected to what the voters of Oregon City are experiencing.


My background gives me an understanding of people from all walks of life. I have not kept myself inside a bubble. The vast majority of Trump supporters are not sexists, racists, etc. I know this because I grew up with them back home in Joseph, Oregon and many of them are my long-time friends and family. They voted for him because of economic issues, trade issues, or because Trump convinced them that he cared about the working class.


Democrats need to recognize the major reasons behind our losses. We lost in 2016 because of bad messaging and because we are losing the working-class vote. And Trump and the Republican party performed better than many thought in 2020 because we continue to underestimate how divided politics has become in this country. I'm running because the way to unite Oregon City is to be the candidate that seeks votes from the Republican party even though I am not part of it and to represent every resident in Oregon City.