Meet Alex



I grew up in Wallowa County, Oregon. One of the counties that had the highest percentage of voters for Trump in Oregon in 2016. Which gave me perspective and understanding to those that think differently than me politically.

I moved in with my Sister and Brother-in-Law in Oregon City when I was 15 to have a better opportunity in life. After graduating from Oregon City High School, I attended Linfield College in Mcminnville where I majored in International Relations with a minor in Chinese.

Before moving into a career I spent a year and a half in Beijing, China where I took an immersion program at Peking University (北京大学). I wasn't allowed to speak a word of English 6 days out of the week. It forced me to grow an unbending and self-sufficient work ethic.

I entered politics in 2015. I watched the primaries for the Democrats and the Republicans because I am open to voting for anyone regardless of party affiliation. I found there was only one candidate I wanted to support even though I didn't agree with all of their policies: Bernie Sanders. So I was elected a National Delegate for him in 2016, was elected Secretary of the Democratic Party of Oregon in 2016-2018, and most recently worked on Andrew Yang's campaign for Presidency.


My experience is not only in politics but in the working-class. I worked graveyard shifts washing windows to pay for college classes. I taught in another district while staying in a room the size of a bed to keep myself in China. And I worked myself out of homelessness by working graveyard shifts 72 hours a week in a factory.

The last thing I ever wanted to get involved with was politics because I believed that politicians didn't truly care about the people. But I entered politics because I learned the best way to be sure that there were, was to run and get elected myself.