Alex Josephy
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For a United Oregon City

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Jim Bernard

Former Chair of the Clackamas County Commissioners


Martha Spiers

Chair of the Oregon City School Board



Democratic Party of Clackamas County


Tessah Danel

Clackamas River Water Commissioner


Simon Fulford

Executive Director of a Local Non-Profit



Charles Gallia
Clackamas County Democrats Chair

Alex embodies what the Democratic Party is striving to be: standing up for the working class, creating a more inclusive and equitable future for all, and caring for our lands.


Marci Jory

Thrive Yoga and Wellness Center Owner

There is one candidate who understands the importance of valuing all voices and implementing initiatives that empower the most vulnerable, not just the powerful, that's why I support Alex Josephy for mayor.

Jeana Gonzales

Unite Oregon City     Co-founder

I truly believe Alex Josephy is exactly what we need right now. He is smart, caring, and has real solutions to improve our houseless community. He has my vote!

Heidi Mckay

Oregon City Citizen of the Year

Alex has the energy and willingness to serve that will encourage our community to be more inclusive, forward thinking and a place to be proud of.


M Y  G O A L S

Healing Oregon City

It's important that the next mayor approaches issues facing this city with nuance, understanding, and respect for all sides on the issues. Divisiveness will only further divide us. This does not mean arbitrarily weighing both sides of every argument as equal. But it does mean that most opinions deserve respect; listening and empathy are better than hate and dismissal at changing minds.

An effective COVID-19 response is one that balances the health and safety of our population with our small businesses' finances and our younger generation's mental health. An empathetic response to the Black Lives Matter protests is one that listens to their complaints and looks out for and eradicates racism in the police system while also recognizing that saying "all cops are bad" only dismisses how much most of the police force cares about our community. And an economic response to job losses and the financial struggles of Americans right now is one that provides for our people in the time of a pandemic but not so much that the workforce stagnates.

These are the types of measured, nuanced, and open-minded responses that Oregon City deserves.